Uber and Lyft Being Relocated to a Centralised Area at Boston Logan Airport

Uber and Lyft are being moved from specific locations near each terminal to a centralized area at Logan Airport starting Monday.


The changes will take place in phases over the next couple of weeks. Starting Monday, October 28, passengers travelling through Terminal A and C, who are planning on using pickup services such as Uber or Lyft, will be picked up at Central Parking Garage. 


From November 4, passengers arriving through Terminal B and E, if they plan on using Uber or Lyft, will be picked up at Central Parking Garage as well. 


On Monday, November 11, all ride-share drop-offs between a timeline of 4 a.m to 10 a.m will move from the upper-level departure curbs to lower level terminal curbs. 


On December 11, Logan Airport is also planning to move all ride-share drop-offs to the central Parking Garage unless they are between 4 a.m to 10 a.m.


“Our goal with the operation is to reduce congestion at our curbs, on our roadways and at our gateways, as well as to improve the customer experience,” said Massport CEO Lisa Wieland.


Uber and Lyft combined account for up to 40 percent of traffic at Logan Airport during peak hours, while taxis represent less than 4 percent, as per Massport.


In 2018, Logan Airport accommodated around 12 million Uber and Lyft rides-5 million of which were empty, according to Massport’s director of aviation business and finance, Dan Gallagher. This year, over 14 million trips are expected to be carried out.


The decision to relocate ride-sharing services to the central garage has come into effect to remove 1.5 million vehicles from the airport’s roadways. Elimination of 30 percent of so-called “deadheads”–vehicles that arrive empty to the airport, will reduce passenger wait time.


“Here, you have your dedicated centralized facility with your curbs, with your bag checks,” said Gallagher, while standing at the new drop-off area for terminal A. “So it’s going to be quicker by going through the garage than it is waiting through the traffic.”


The new drop-off areas will include check-in and bag check services along with wheelchair assistance and heaters. Massport says that the new ride-hailing areas are ADA-compliant, and passengers with disabilities can still be dropped off and picked up curbside at terminals if they prefer. 


The central garage is located at a walking distance from the terminals. Walking from Terminal A to the garage would take around 4 minutes while walking from Terminal B to the garage would take 6 minutes. 


There will also be a new $3.25 drop off fee for Uber, and Lyft rides put in place in December. For shared rides, the prices will be reduced to $1.50.


Some ride-hailing companies are not in support of the new changes at the Logan Airport. 


“We remain concerned about the upcoming changes at Logan Airport,” Lyft spokeswoman Campbell Matthews said in a statement. “Since Massport introduced its proposal earlier this year, we have advocated for protecting the affordability and convenience of ride-share.”


Uber declined to comment on the changes.

Massport spokesperson, Jennifer Mehigan said that the estimated cost of relocation project is $15 to $20 million. The price includes the construction of the new pick up and drops off areas, staffing, and the loss of revenue from parking, added Mehigan. 


Massport removed around 900 parking spaces in the central garage to make way for the new pick up and drop off areas, while at the same time adding 2600 ft of curb space, according to Gallagher. 


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