Man Sues Uber for $65 Million After He is Left Paralyzed in an Accident

A Somerville man is suing Uber for $63 million after he met a car crash that left him permanently paralyzed.


William Good is a 31-year-old chef who was riding an Uber when it struck a car on Highland Avenue on April 30, 2021. The report comes from Good’s lawyer, Victoria Sontaro, Mayor of Sweeney Merrigan Law.


The release states that Good felt the “swerve” of the car before it crashed, and the driver, with “extensive driving history and prior driver re-training,” said that Good was not injured in the accident. The driver also mentions that he tried to move William Good after the collision.


“I struggle daily with the knowledge that this Uber employee was hired as a professional driver – the last thing he should have been hired to do,” Good said in a statement. “But most of all, I struggle to understand how a company that is so sophisticated has been completely unable to ensure the safety of its drivers on the roads.”


The complaint goes on to mention that Good knew instantly that he had broken his neck, which goes against the driver’s statement that he was uninjured. Good is looking to hold Uber accountable for his injury and condemns its failure to “appropriately screen, hire and supervise their driver.”


Uber has not yet commented on the lawsuit. As for the screening process at Uber, the company employs a two-step process to find and hire potential drivers in Massachusetts. It checks their motor vehicle record and criminal history at a local, state, and federal level and conducts a CORI background check. Moreover, Uber re-screens its drivers every six months.


Good’s Lawyer Santano claims that the process is insufficient to keep bad drivers out of the road. She also added that the company environment puts the drivers under pressure and leads them to “perform faster, accept more fares and create more profit,” which causes road accidents.


“Uber can and must do better to ensure its drivers are vetted, trained, and supervised,” she said in a statement. “Uber can and must do better to ensure no one else is injured as a result of its unsafe drivers.

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