In memory of Wellesley’s residents who died in 9-11

In 2001, at least 4 Wellesley residents died in the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

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WELLESLEY, MA- While the police and fire departments remember the thousands who died as a result of the terrorist attacks that happened on Sep 11, 2001, the commonwealth is recollecting the loss of 206 people as a result.

About 30 people most of the fire and police department gathered at Wellesley Fire to remember what happened 16 years back. The state house lowered the national flag and then the names of those who died were read in condolence. Logan airport held a minute of silence to remember the 2 hijacked planes that took off from Logan.

Have a look at the names of those with strong connections to Wellesley who lost their lives in 9/11.

John Cahill, a retired employee of Xerox, was on his way to California to be a part of some private business meeting when he died during a flight crash in World Trade Center in New York.

Edmund Glazer was flying on American Airlines Flight 11. He heard the flight attendant instruct the passengers to keep away their cell phones and other devices but he called his wife’s number and said, “Hi, Hon. I made it.”

Nelie Casey, a 32 years old merchandise planning manager for TJX Co. had just returned from her maternity leave after giving birth to her 7 months old daughter and changed her job to live closer to her family and home. She was running the Koman Race for the breast cancer before her husband and daughter. They would have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary if she had not been crashed aboard Flight 11.

Patrick J. Quigley IV with his wife bought a new house in Wellesley so as to put down roots the summer before Sept 11, 2001. Quigley was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers and was on Flight 175 on Sept11. He died and left behind his 6-year-old daughter and his pregnant wife. His second daughter Leah was born after a month when he passed away.

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