Fogscapic euphoria! What you ought not to miss in Boston this weekend

Ever ran, cycled or walked through Emerald Necklace’s entire length? Let Fujiko Nakaya, the Japanese artist, introduce you to one- but with a bit more than what you expected. A fog scape to let you marvel at the wonders of fog sculpture!

Is fog escaping really a thing? It is- evanescent fogs can be an artist’s tool to create extensions of his vivid imagination, just like with fireworks that dazzle in the starry night sky.  Fujiko weaves magic into the air by squirting water mists through nozzles, letting the fog cast and interact with the air around. An experience so ethereal that you can’t afford to miss!

Fogscapic euphoria! What you ought not to miss in Boston this weekend

Nakaya, born in Sapporo, is a renowned fog artist acclaimed for the experimental nature of his works. He creates the unforgettable- mesmerizing fog effects that turn the land into a mystical space from beyond. His fog sculptures have been installed, previously, at museums and national galleries in Australia, Spain, Japan, USA, and France. In Nakaya’s own words, “I imagine for dancing every time I try to envision a new fog art”.

The unfenced fog escaping event lasts for few minutes and shouldn’t be missed anyhow. Immerse yourself into the effervescent art and feel the shape-shifting water- mist form, rising above and around you. This is an entirely free public art presentation event unfolding on 31st October 2018 from 8 am to 6 pm.

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