False Bomb Threat in Waltham Library has been taken care of

Boston Airport Express had two calls from concerned passengers reacting to the news of Waltham Ma Library bomb threat. First we had to be cautious and we informed the passengers that we are tracking the situation and we would safely complete their reserved airport transfer from Waltham at the scheduled time as long as Police does not block us from entering the area.

However the bomb scare turned out to be a hoax a few hours latter and we updated the same to the two concerned passengers.

After the library received the bomb threat, police was alerted in time and all precaution was taken to handle the situation. Bomb disposal squad with sniffing dogs were at the site at the earliest.

“This afternoon the State police bomb squad, did respond at the request of local authorities to a bomb threat at the Waltham Public Library,” Jennifer Mieth, of the State Fire Marshall’s office, told Patch. But it was a false alarm.

As a precautionary measure the staff of the library was sent home early and the library remains closed for the rest of the day. No organization or individual has been identified to be behind this development. It could finally turn out to be a prank but action has to be taken and it seems to be done well this time.
Read more about the developments on Patch.com : https://patch.com/massachusetts/waltham/bomb-threat-waltham-library-false-alarm

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