Delta Announces Free Flights for Medical Volunteers, Expands Waive Change Fee,

Delta Airlines announced on Tuesday that it would waive change fees, offer free flights to medical volunteers, and maintain social distancing measures throughout the end of June.

Travelers who booked in April, May, or June as of April 14 or those who have existing eCredits or canceled flight travels in March, April, May, or June are entitled to the extended waive change fees. Passengers can rebook their flights through May 21, 2022.

Delta began flying medical workers for free earlier this month. Eligible medical workers can book free round-trips Delta flights to New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan through June.

“Delta continues to consider expanding this program as needed,” the airline wrote in the press release.

Delta started social distancing measures on Monday and will maintain the process through June. Reducing the number of passengers per flight, blocking middle-class seats, processing available upgrades at the gate, and boarding passengers by row are some of the steps included in Delta’s social distancing measures.

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