Delta Airlines may soon Overtake JetBlue as best performer at Boston Airport

Recently, Delta Airlines announced excellent results for the second quarter. And it seems a big chunk of that growth comes from Delta’s Boston Hub. Revenue from Boston Operations grew by 25% powered by a boost of 10% unit revenue gain. This performance is far better than domestic aviation business performance average of 3.6%.

Now Delta Airlines plans to invest more in Boston and expand its capacity in Boston. Now they have set a target of 200 departures per day to be achieved in the next two year (by 2021). If Delta Airlines meets the target they would outdo JetBlue as the best performer in Boston Airport.

Most of our customers are from Delta and JetBlue and this competition seems healthy which ultimately brings more passengers to Logan International Airport. As Boston’s most popular Car Service Company, and our associated companies have been competing in a similar way with app-based taxi services.

If Delta Airlines plans go through as planned we will have more Delta flights to Chicago; Cleveland; Miami; Newark, New Jersey; and Washington, D.C. That will bring more domestic traffic who tend to be business people very often. We provide professional business car services in Boston so that is good news for us.

As per reports, Delta Airlines will also get 5 more gates in Boston Airport and their total number of dedicated gates will grow from 16 to 21. This will further increase the fight between JetBlue and Delta in the future.

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